Obtaining the best bite registration the first time is now simple, accurate & reproducible with the Andra Gauge™

*********Recently featured in the British Dental Journal http://www.nature.com/bdj/journal/v213/n1/full/sj.bdj.2012.598.html *********

The Andra Gauge™ is a disposable bite registration device that allows the practitioner to easily control a patient's mandibular position in a relationship to the maxilla to accurately obtain the best bite registration. Any focus area of dentistry that obtains a bite registration relationship between the mandible and maxilla will benefit from the use of the Andra Gauge™.

The Andra Gauge™ is the only bite registration device that can hold the position of the mandible in relation to the maxilla in 3 dimensions. The ability to dial in and lock in place the anterior-posterior and vertical positions while providing a precise positioning of the sagittal movement makes it the ideal vehicle for capturing the best bite registration that is precise, accurate and reproducible.
The Andra Gauge™  has been recently nominated as a Stole Rives Innovation Award Finalist for Medical Devices.
 A-P Forward                                                                     Lateral                                                               A-P  Backwards 
Ideal for use in the following disaplines
Dental Sleep Medicine
Functional Orthodontics
Neuromuscular Dentistry
Athletic Performance


Getting To Know the Andra Gauge™


Adjusting the Andra Gauge™ outside the mouth                      Adjusting the Andra Gauge™ Inside the Mouth

Andra Gauge™

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