HDL Aligners

HDL Aligners are a series of comfortable, virtually invisible aligners that gently move your teeth to help you perfect your smile.

Each HDL aligner is removable and custom made to perfectly fit your mouth. Over a course of aligners, each worn for two weeks, your teeth are seamlessly straightened to your ideal end smile. They have minimal impact on your speech. HDL Aligners begin to straighten your teeth straight away - every aligner in the process helps to move your teeth towards your final smile. You will know in advance how long your treatment will take and your expected end results.

What Can We Treat?

The teeth that make up ‘your smile’ are those we see in photographs or when we laugh. They are the first six upper teeth and first six lower teeth at the front of the mouth and known as the anterior teeth. These are the teeth HDL Aligners move as they cause the most notable results for you within the shortest treatment period. HDL Aligners are suitable for adults aged 16 years or older. HDL Aligners can help straighten out any of the following problems:


Your teeth are too crowded or overlapping.


There are notable gaps between your teeth.


A tooth or teeth are turned clockwise or anti clockwise.


Your teeth tilt at an angle, or lean forward or back.

All of these common conditions can make it hard to brush or floss between teeth and increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Irregularly aligned teeth can cause additional stress on the jaw muscles which may lead to grinding and wearing down the tooth enamel. Straightening your teeth is more than just an aesthetic treatment and will help maintain your long-term oral health. There are some limitations to the movements that can be achieved with HDL Aligners. The specifics are shared with your dentist. Click here for a short video that shows the results that can be achieved with our HDL Aligner system.