HDL Pro-Laminated / HDL Single Layer

We pride ourselves in being at forefront of dental advancements with a sports mouthguard range that guarantees safety, quality and comfort.

HDL has taken advice from the leading figures in the industry, including Martin Theden, Chief instructor at Dreve, who oversaw the exclusive provision of mouthguards for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

In 2013, our senior technicians attended a specialist course to further enhance their understanding of mouthguard technology, patient oral protection, and ultimately improve our customised product.

As an outcome of the course we now construct the pro laminated mouthguard to extend to the first molar, it is thought that the masseter would provide adequate protection for the teeth posterior to this, however if your patient wishes for all teeth to be covered then please specify.

We articulate the pro laminated mouthguard at the first layer to ensure each lower tooth is encased, while also checking there is balanced occlusion throughout. We re-articulate to confirm a perfect fit at the final stage, before finishing off the customised mouthguard.

  • Pro-Lam

    • Ideal for all adult sports
    • Provides superior support
    • Comfortable for the patient
    • Recommended for those with adult teeth
    • Includes patient name
    • Articulated to provide even contact
    • Available in single colour, stripe, harlequin and custom graphics

    Single Layer

    • Ideal for children with mixed dentition
    • Highly Comfortable
    • More affordable
    • Includes patient name
    • Provides support without being bulky
    • Less expensive for patients with changing dentition
    • Available in single colour, stripe and harlequin
    • Custom graphics are not possible for this appliance